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Get ready to be "Snarly" with Cash Molly and his brand new video

In the modern day and age of the internet, you can quite literally stumble across some dope music, without really meaning to. It's the beauty of the world we live in that I can sit comfortably in my own home and listen to a track made by an artist thousands of miles away on another continent. That's exactly how I came across Harlem rapper Cash Molly, when one of my friends on a social network site posted his video, and me being the curious music geek that I am, had to hit play.

What followed has quite literally taken up the majority of my evening, replaying the video and shouting the hook over and over again. The track in question, "Snarly", is the first I've heard from Cash Molly, but if this is anything to go by, then he's definitely going to be one to watch out for. With a catchy beat, and some wavey visuals to match, "Snarly" sounds very D.I.Y but that's what makes it great. If I was to try and compare his sound to anything I've heard before, it's more along the lines of Father, which is no lame comparison. The hook, "lame ass fuccboi's claiming that they snarly", is one that will DEFINITELY get stuck in your head, for all the right reasons.

You can peep the visuals for "Snarly" below, and be sure to keep yourself locked onto EARMILK for all the latest from Cash Molly.

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