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PC Music's Danny L Harle announces new EP with uber-pop single "Forever"

PC Music is on a roll right now, unleashing a ton of new songs, remixes and collaborations that expand on the quirky, in-your-face pop sound the label has tried to crystalize over the past few years.  The roll continues with the announcement of Danny L Harle's Broken Flowers EP, out Nov. 20 on PC Music/Columbia Records, which came with a treat: the UK producer's next single, "Forever."  The track is at once abrasive and appealing.  The pitched-up singing combined with simple, catchy pop lyrics lures the listener in before sharp synthesizers show some electronic edge. Like a lot of other tracks from PC Music, the song sounds it's from a video game or like it came from the future.  If PC Music's recent string of hits has anything to do with it, a lot more music will start sounding like them in not too long.  Check out Danny L Harle's "Forever," out on PC Music/Columbia Records now.

Dance · Experimental · Pop · Synth Pop


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