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Armin van Buuren continues down the road to next album with "Embargo" collaboration with Cosmic Gate

Nearly two months ago, dance music king Armin van Buuren announced he would embark on his sixth artist album in the coming months. More information on the album, Embrace, has been peeking through ever since, with the release of the title track not so long ago, and now another collaborative release today. 

The production duo Cosmic Gate released their critically acclaimed Start To Feel in July 2014, and has been releasing its all-star singles like "Yai" to accompany the already prevalent "Crushed" and "So Get Up" since. And now, Cosmic Gate has teamed up with Armin, a long time friend and collaborator, on "Embargo." The two artists joining forces on the track are veterans in everything trance and progressive, and have applied that experience to create a powerful, big room instrumental. 

Download via Beatport today.

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