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Pegboard Nerds get their "Emoji" on to raise cancer awareness

While 2015 has undoubtedly been one of the biggest years for the electronic music industry, it has also allowed its artists to become more accessible to fans throughout the world more so due to its mainstream shift. One of the questions commonly raised is whether or not artists use their massive influence obtained by this growth to promote charitable causes and educate the youth on various topics. While this is still being debated, the Pegboard Nerds took it upon themselves to spread awareness and raise money to help the fight against cancer throughout the entire month of October. With their Pink Clouds EP set for release October 23rd via Monstercat, the duo hope to use this project as a way to contribute towards the fight against cancer alongside Monstercat and F*ck Cancer.

While already raising $15,000 in the first part of the project, Parsberg & Odden utilize the support from #NerdNation and release the long awaited record "Emoji." While this record was made publicly aware, many were under the impression that this studio effort would never see the light of day due to comments from Parsberg during live performances.

What's most significant about the forthcoming release of "Emoji" is that it marks the pre-order of the upcoming EP and furthers their fight towards raising awareness and ultimately beating cancer. In the newly released studio effort you can expect an extremely uplifting chorus which features Odden's unique vocals layered over the vigorously beating break. There isn't a more perfect sound to be dedicated toward the cause they've chosen. One can't help but feel as if they were swept off their feet as a result of the schematic soundscape layered out in this project. I think it's fair to say this release is truly a magnificent musical contribution in the fight against cancer.

While many commend the Pegboard Nerds for their character and integrity, I can only hope others see the power in utilizing their fame and social influence to help contribute to causes greater than our own individualistic endeavors. Who knows what might happen if we all joined forces...

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