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Chance Fischer serves up his own "Souffle"

Chance Fischer has a very distinct inflection when he speaks. One that commands attention. In fact, it commands attention so much, you wonder if its learned. As a  graduate of Cornell University, upon listening to any of his tracks, one questions if mandating this kind of concentration out of others was taught. An exercise in mental manipulation picked up subconsciously in some speech pathology, or better yet, psychology course the rapper probably took as fillers to earn credits. 

But then that would be corny as fuck, wouldn't it? A rapper purposely trying  to outsmart his audience with an advanced vocabulary and subject matter most familiar to scholars is about as transparent and cliche as labeling a rapper that has content outside the ramifications of bitches and money a "weirdo". No - Chance is not that rapper. In fact, the most interesting thing about the wordsmith  is that while his Ivy League education is undoubtedly  the cherry on top of his already suitable arsenal, most of it comes very natural. Chance is one of those rare cases that was born with the glow  - and you notice it instantly. He's the  kind of guy that exudes passion in everything he does without even thinking about it - right down to day to day conversation. I know this from EpicFest IV where he and I first met and our initial conversation included top 3 albums to be stuck on an island with and a random sexual encounter he had with a groupie right after his set.  I mean, seriously - depending on how the city treats him, in the next couple years he could be seen as RVA's Robin Hood or Harvey Dent ( Christoper Nolan's version, of course) as far as the hip hop community is concerned. 

Coming off of an amazing performance at this years A3C, Chance drops "Souffle", an unabashedly arrogant track produced by Don Kevo ( who has also done works for the likes of Brandun Deshay and Ken Rebel). This track comes as a single from is forthcoming LP, Wreath, which the rapper has been working on for the last year and some change...because, like a good artist, he too believes good things take time. 

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