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12 Stories raise the curtains for "Showtime" [Premiere]

There are very few record labels that manage to elevate themselves into Leonardo DiCaprio territory. With his films there's no need to watch a trailer or read a review, you can just go to the cinema in the confidence that'll it'll either be amazing or just one of the best films you've ever seen. Hot Creations are in that same league, they just do not release anything other than music of the highest quality. "Showtime" by house duo 12 Stories is certainly no exception to the rule.    

Crisp hats compliment the voluptuous bass as the record gets underway and begins to paint pictures of a Space Jam style affair, where the court floor is made of trampolines and they're playing with aerobics balls. The track is fairly stripped back, letting the infectious vocal sample and acid induced bass line do most of the work with a little help from some delightfully splashy cymbals. It's a straight up crowd-pleaser, bubbling with energy and plenty of bounce as your tumbled through the records moon-like gravity. You'll be able to purchase this brilliant release from October 23rd. 


Bass · House · Premiere


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