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Eric Sharp and Tenova team up for "Slow Me Down" [Download]

A few months ago Eric Sharp and Tenova released their sophisticated, neon-lit synth house remix for “The Truth” originally by Mansions on the Moon. Now the two are back at collaborating, this time resulting in a new single called “Slow Me Down.” It’s a bit darker and more mysterious than their last release, but just as addicting.

With the heavy pulsing bass tied together with quick snaps of beats and shots of echoing synths, “Slow Me Down” is a track that’ll have a huge impact on the dance floor. The tone and billowing effects of singer Erin Marshall’s voice complement the production perfectly and completes the overall vibe of “Slow Me Down.” It’s amazing that this one is a free download. Definitely take advantage of that—you’ll want to put this on repeat.

Dance · Deep House · Download · House · Indie Dance


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