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Le1f and Balam Acab go out and "Rage" on bipolar new single

Le1f and Balam Acab aren't artists one would necessarily associate in one's mind, let alone expect to collaborate.  They've also both been dormant for a while, so to see them return together on Le1f's new single "Rage" is exciting.  With Alec Koone's signature aquatic, ethereal production leading the way, Le1f ponders life in Auto Tune before flying into quite a rage for the chorus without any warning.  It's most comparable to Death Grips, and certainly not a style we've heard from Koone before.  Things then innocently revert to their cutesy starting point as if nothing ever happened, only to eventually shift back to chaos.  The while thing is very disjointing and very entertaining.  

Le1f's new album Riot Boi comes out November 11 through Terrible Records / XL, and will feature a host of collaborators, such as Evian ChristSOPHIE, Junglepussy, and Blood Orange. Balam Acab's also got his follow up to Wander / Wonder, apparently called Child Death, due sometime in the not too distant future.

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