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N∆TIONS “My Ways” sees visual component [Premiere]

BKLYN1834 is a talent incubator for young artists who live together in a co-op style mansion in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and they are gearing up for a debut LP release in November. Their first single to be released in the leadup for the big release next month is by N∆TIONS, a collaboration between veteran artists, Nolan Thies and Toby Pipes. 

"My Ways" sees the two musicians come together with BKLYN1834's creative director (and founder) Andrew Thomas Reid, and the three make beautiful, ethereal sounds that will help anyone close out their Friday. They've mentioned that their influences include Caribou and Talk Talk, and it's easy to see why. 

Check out the track below. 



Exclusive · Indie · Premiere


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