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Mason shares his top 10 tracks to listen to on on a full moon [Exclusive]

2015 is the year of the reemergence of Mason. Since the resurrection of his track “Exceeder” by a multitude of artists late in 2014, the name that dominated the UK dance and pop scene in the early 2000’s has returned to reclaim his spot in the forefront of the electronic and house music industry. To do that, he's released a slew of remixes, and has been on a streak of releasing his Nite Rite series: an installment that showcases a new, seasonally appropriate original from Mason himself, on each full moon's rise. His latest, Nite Rite 7, was released on his label Animal Language in September, leads us into fall. To celebrate the next upcoming full moon, Mason marks a double whammy with us: his top ten tracks to listen to on a full moon, as well as a mixtape. Check it out below.

Mason’s Top 10 “Full Moon” Tracks

1.  Louis La Roche - Entering The Night 

2.  l'Equipe Du Son - The Nightwatch 

3.   Munk - Southern Moon

4.   Mason - Nite Rite Seven  

5.   Ampere - Dark City 

6.   Veit B - Nightrider

7.    John Dahlback - The Old Woods

8.  Moonbootica & Mason - The Nightingale

9.  Underworld - Moon In The Water (Trim The Fat remix) 

10  Bart Skills - Midnight Moving (2000 and One remix) 



Connect with Mason:

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