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Kojey Radical brings something beautiful in "Open Hand"

I've been realizing that as I get older, the artists I enjoy the most are the ones that carefully take time to focus on every aspect of their performance. Of course the sound is essential, but beyond that, the lighting, the visuals, and the core message they are displaying have become essentials for me and who I deem my favorite artist. Kojey Radical is firmly integrating himself onto that list of people who have a message and a calculated way to display it, and with his powerful poems, he's really starting to become a voice of a revolution. 

"Open Hand" is equally striking in artistic beauty as it is in it's message about oppression. It hits the heart and brain simultaneously, encouraging the viewer to think and feel at the same time, and hoping that by catching our attention in this way, we grow as a people. It's simple and yet impactful, the kind of video that belongs in an art installation somewhere. 

Check out the video below. It was directed by The Rest. 

Hip-Hop · Spoken Word


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