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Villa releases new single "Futuristic Boy"

Atlanta's dominance in hip-hop is undeniable. Trap's brooding 808s have club goers hooked and its tales of urban warfare remain radio mainstays. The city's do-it-yourself has even taken over the normally curmudgeon internet fanbase, as labels like Awful Records continue to pioneer a new sound and the depths of not giving a f**k. However, Villa is attempting to push to the forefront a style that is rarely thought to be synonymous with the modern A. This young crooner is developing his own brand of rap-r&b, one that has been well received in his hometown, but he wants to take to the world.

Villa's latest single, aptly titled "Futuristic Boy," is an exercise in atmospheric love making. Producer Richie Souf provides a slow syrupy beat for the singer to gently glide over. The two have previously collaborated on Villa's standout "Teardrop Mercedes," and their partnership pays off dividends once again on "Futuristic Boy." Villa does not try to do much on the track, which complements this production well. Instead of overwhelming the listeners, he softly croons and fills the void with reverb. The hook will slowly creep its way into your brain and refuse to leave for hours.

Villa is planing release his forthcoming project, Vertical, on October 21. On "Futuristic Boy," Villa demonstrates that he is working on creating something wholly original. His sound exclusive to himself and one that he should continue to cultivate. It is interesting to hear and we await to see where it takes him next.

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