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The UK's "Top Boy" Skepta tears down the East Coast, in brand new video

The UK rap scene is flourishing. It always has been, as a lot of prominent UK music scene associates will tell you. However what we are seeing, is a shift in power, where the once dominant US rap stars are being influenced by their British counterparts. The likes of Kanye West and most notably Canadian superstar Drake have been quick to welcome in the UK influence with open arms, opening more channels for British artists than ever before, and in turn, creating a whole new wave of fans for these UK artists who perhaps wouldn't have been given the time of day from the North American rap public.

One of the rappers leading this UK onslaught, Joseph Adenuga aka Skepta, is back with a new banger, complete with a video documenting his mini U.S. tour from a couple of months ago. "Top Boy" see's Skeppy continue his dominant spell in 2015 so far, carrying on where the formidable "Shutdown" left off. His gritty flow sits perfectly on the jagged beat, and lyrically he comes correct again, putting on for the rest of the Boy Better Know gang.

Peep the video for "Top Boy" above, and prepare yourself for the the UK rap king's new album Konichiwa, which is reportedly almost ready for release.

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