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XYconstant builds blissful sound out of The Six's "(Don't Go) Running" [Premiere]

On the heels of releasing a massive new single featuring Tom Aspaul, XYconstant is back in the spotlight with a spanking new remix of The Six's pop-house anthem "(Don't Go) Running".  In typical fashion, XYconstant amps up the song, transitioning it from the radio to the club.  To start, the UK producer adds a hefty bassline and a harder kick to lend the track some extra oomph.  Then, he layers fresh, ear-catching piano and synth cords atop pitched down samples from the original song, bringing the listener near bliss, ironically, with melancholy lyrics about a particularly painful breakup as the talented female vocalists sings, "We could've been" on repeat.  Check it out below and follow The Six and XYconstant on SoundCloud if you're a fan of the sound.

Dance · House · Pop · Premiere


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