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SevenDoors remix Adana Twins' latest single "Heroe" [Premiere]

Adana Twins are currently dominating the Beatport deep house charts with their latest single "Heroe" released on Berlin imprint Exploited Rec. The duo, Friso and Take It Easy, latest release is entitled "Heroe" which includes remixes from SevenDoors (Diynamic/Exploited), Krankbrother (Krankbrother Records) and Dino Lenny (Ellum). SevenDoors provides his own version of the track, complementing the overall tempo of the track with a crisp touch of his own style mixed with the Adana Twins sound. The first couple of minutes into this remix invites you into this swirl of vocals and soothing beats that emphasize the original sound of the track, which is crafted with all the right elements to get those deep house vibes going. Another reason why SevenDoors maintains a consistent and effective approach for this remix, incorporating what's mainly essential with a remix like this to produce an effective new sound. When you first listen to the "Heroe" remix you can hear and feel the difference compared to the original version, as SevenDoors produces this hypnotic escape of tranquil sounds effects that flow with each vocal pitch, to maintain a strong embrace withinn each minute of the remix.

"Heroe" will be released on Beatport 05.10.15  and  I-Tunes 19.10.15 featuring other remixes by Krankbrother and Dino Lenny, as always Exploited Rec provides their listeners with solid content that needs little explanation as to why you should listen to their music. 






Deep House · Premiere · Techno


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