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The Geek x Vrv have us reminiscing about Delegation's "Mr. Heartbreak"

Funk, soul, r&b, you name it i'm sold, and those were the sounds of the British soul music group Delegation back in the day. The group sees the light of day today as the Paris based duo The Geek x Vrv, bring back their 1977 ballad "Mr. Heartbreak". Starting out slow and smooth, the pair move into some steady claps and hip-hop samples that will get you amped up for the smoothness that will ensue. This one is certainly an easy on the ears listen, as most of their music is. You know those sleek bedroom beats you bump and jam out to, yeah those. So chill out and enjoy the rest of your Friday with some soul food for the ears. 

I've been steadily championing The Geek x Vrv's music for a little while now and believe you should be as well. Go ahead and give it a whirl below. Oh and you cop the FREE download HERE. 

Here are some more gems i've been bumping as of late. Enjoy! 


Electronic · Soul · Soul-Hop


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