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Ben Mono joins This Ain't Bristol with "Rhythm Lad" [Premiere]

Like any label, This Ain't Bristol prides itself on the talent they attract. The Hannover, Germany-based label features a collective of young producers whose style draws from everything from raw UK garage to of course, German techno. After releasing two initial label-focused compilations, the imprint will release Even More Selections on October 2nd. We've got a first listen to the first track on the release, from German producer Ben Mono. Entitled "Rhythm Lad," falls into groovy, industrial and underground tech house. With retro vocal samples lighting up the track throughout, the overall production is one that ignites with each listen. Check it out below.



1. Ben Mono - Rhythm Lad
2. HoodRat - Hummus
3. Ben Remember - Rusty Hearts
4. Sine Step - Advent
5. Mark Starr & Lux Groove - Now
6. Abby Jane & Billy Kenny - Talk 2 Me
7. Landis LaPace - The Limit
8. Pete Graham & Manta - Shake It
9. Maximono - Unite The System
10. Frederique - Cuz I Can
11. Marc Talein - Don’t Need
12. Ghostea - Ya Feel
13. Fritz Carlton - Mohki
14. Dozens - Bad Girl
15. Shaedes - Gossip
16. South Soul Project - Long Time Gone

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Connect with Ben Mono:



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