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Slum Sociable's video for "All Night" taps into the uncanny

Anyone who's a fan of any form of surrealist film or photography, this is for your eyes. Australia's Slum Sociable has just released a music video for the second track to their name "All Night", and it's quite spectacular. 

The track, seeped in washed-out jazz-hop tendencies, is fully realized with Lynchian visuals that continually return to a performative site of an uncanny nature: the retro-esque (basement?) bar. Everything seems to be strangely contrived and carefully executed (i.e. the placing of the glasses, the symmetrical zooms), yet the storyline is quite the opposite: asymmetric and off-putting. It's quite the combination.

The band are playing some shows coming up this month at CMJ. Check them out if you're around. 
Oct 13 Pianos
Oct 14 Cake Shop
Oct 16 Rockwood Music Hall (4pm)
Oct 16 The Flat (6pm)
Oct 17 Aussie BBQ @ The Delancey

Ambient · Chillstep · Downtempo · Hip-Hop · Jazz · Jazz Hop · Lo-Fi


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