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J Dilla delves into electronic sounds with "Dillatronic #7"

Internets, there's nothing that has been said about the late, great J Dilla that hasn't been said before. We know his status as one of the greatest to ever make a beat and we know he could take any genre under the and make it into his own beast. In the long list of posthumous releases we've received over the years, Dillatronic might be one that stands from the pack. Thanks to Ma Dukes and Vintage Vibez Music Group, 40 previously unreleased tracks will be available come October 30th. While we've had tracks from Dilla that include electronic sounds before, this new collection appears to both celebrate and pay tribute to that Detroit that so many us can't get enough of.  In true Jay Dee style, "Dillatronic #7" a bass booming banger that pulls you in upon pressing play. Head over to the Dillatronic website to pre-order the project. All of the hype beasts are gonna jump on this and flip records and tapes on eBay, so make sure you put your order in today. 


Electronic · Hip-Hop


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