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MOONZz hunts for someone to "Satisfy" her in new clip [Video]

LA-based artist MOONZz made her debut this summer with "Satisfy", an R&B-infused trap-pop banger that made waves on the electronic music blogosphere not to mention the HypeM charts.  Now she's back with a video that brings lyrics like, "Oh darling, could you satisfy me? 'Cause I'm lonely, lonely, lonely roaming down the streets quietly" to life.

The video depicts MOONZz as a 1960s-era housewife in hunting on a TV show called "The Mating Game" who appears buttoned-up but steadily becomes more aggressive and overtly sexual as the song progresses.  When the thunderous trap beat drops, "The Mating Game" is replaced by a futuristic, almost alien MOONZz decked out with crimped, colored hair and rhinestones on her face.  Back in "The Mating Game", 1960s MOONZz gets increasingly disillusioned and aggressive with her suitors until her and future MOONZz decide to just throwing things and breaking shit, respectively.  

Most impressive, and genuinely hilarious here though is timing.  The trap beat and all of its little intricacies provide perfect breaks for the video.  In addition, MOONZz big, dramatic vocals provide the perfect tool for the artist to show off comedic timing in a video that is, at times, genuinely hilarious.  Check it out for yourself below.

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