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EARMILK Exclusive: listen to Claptone's 'Supermoon Eclipse' playlist

Every few decades the heavenly bodies align for what scientists call a supermoon eclipse, where the moon passes its closest to the earth while there is a simultaneous lunar eclipse (thanks NASA). Who better to share this awe-inspiring moment with than the mysterious, masked German producer Claptone. Over the last few months we've heard the most recent snippets of his forthcoming album Charmer by way of two singles: "Dear Life" with JAW and "Puppet Theatre" featuring Peter, Björn and John. Accompanying them on the release will be 11 more tracks, some new, some old, but all with Claptone's undeniably infectious sound.

Charmer drops October 16th, but in light of today's special celestial events Claptone has prepared his Supermoon Eclipse playlist, chock-full of the greatest tracks about our nearest neighbor in the sky. Oh, and if you want to be pretty baller, check out this double gold mask/vinyl combo of the forthcoming albumwhich you can preorder now.


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