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LUM takes you deep into the jungle with "Urpillay" [Premiere]

When a Soundcloud biography details that their music is "A tribute to the wisdom and medicine of the native peoples," a certain level of intrigue is  naturally summoned from within. What does a tribute to medicine sound like exactly? Argentinian born, and now Mexican based, LUM is here to enlighten you. His forthcoming Rebellion release "Urpillay" is a trance like walk through unknown, exotic climes.    

The track opens with indigenous percussion that's led forward hypnotically by a deep ominous bass line. Suddenly, words spoken in a native tongue warn you not to go any further into the jungle, as the tension of the record gradually builds with anthemic strings luring you deeper into the rich narrative. You realise you should have taken the natives advice as suddenly the medicine hits you in the form of soft, sleep inducing keys, making the stars blur through heavy eyes. 

It's worldly music at its most intriguing, with dark tribal undertones giving the record a strong spiritual essence. You'll be able to purchase this dose of medicine from October 2nd.     


Deep House · Premiere · Progressive · Tribal


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