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Jordan F and Dana Jean Phoenix keep you "Mesmerised" with 80s synths [Premiere]

When the movie Drive came out, there was this flood of 80s-inspired synthwave and pop that exploded on to the scene and melted everyone’s hearts. From College and Electric Youth down to Kavinsky, everyone was stuck cruising to that heavy vintage synth sound. Australia’s Jordan F would have fit in perfectly with everything on that soundtrack.

Ahead of his forthcoming sophomore album, Jordan F joins Canadian singer Dana Jean Phoenix for a single that glows and guides you through the night. His dark and mysterious style proves the perfect recipe for maximum cruising potential, but Phoenix’s delicate, feminine vocals top off the production completing that cinematic effect. If layered vintage synths sound at all tempting, you won’t want to miss Jordan F’s new album Timelines coming out early 2016. In the meantime, enjoy this first taste of “Mesmerised” and Jordan says, make it "the best drive in an open topped Ferrari you’ve ever had."

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