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NERO celebrates release of 'Between II Worlds'

Under six months ago, we started getting details about a new artist album from pioneering UK electronic trio Nero. And since then, we've heard three singles - "The Thrill," "Two Minds," and the title single, all following the group's big hit "Satisfy" and its rumblings of the group's comeback a year earlier. We quickly learned that Nero was on a mission to do something different with the release of Between II Worlds, looking to explore the depths of rock influencing their atmospheric electronica we've come to know, led by the fierce vocals from Alana Watson.

After announcing a completely live tour to launch in October of this year, the group has now released their latest album via MTA Records with the help of Virgin EMI. It's been hailed as groundbreaking, and throughout the 12-track LP, we can see before our eyes the significance of the album's title through a transformation of the group from club-focused to edgy rock and bass-focused music. You can judge for yourself by buying the album via iTunes or streaming it via Spotify.

And over the weekend, Nero's work was not over. To celebrate the release of Between II Worldsthey appeared on Pete Tong's iconic BBC Radio 1 shoe for a guest mix for the first time since 2010. Stream the mix here.

Connect with Nero:

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