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Royal Tongues have us "Chasing Down A Feeling"

LA-based alternative pop duo, Royal Tongues, came to life in 2014 as a personal and creative outlet for Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella. Both had already spent years writing and producing music for other artists like Alex Da Kid, but more specifically scoring music for film & TV projects. The pair were always itching for more, and lucky for us they decided to take the initiative and start producing and recoding music for themselves. Today we have their latest release "Chasing Down The Feeling". The pair remark, "Chasing down a feeling was a blast to create. I believe Justin and I dug deep into each of our influences and came out with a track we both felt was very special." With support from Neon Gold and many more calling their music a “sync goldmine” and “primed to sear a hole right through alt-radio,” we are certain the online buzz is only beginning. Go ahead and check it out below. 

Indie · Indie Dance · Pop


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