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ASTR & Mick Jenkins connect on "It's Over"

Keeping the momentum for their forthcoming Homecoming EP mobing, New York based electronic duo ASTR let loose their latest track, "It's Over." Zoe Silverman's and Adam Pallin's stock has been rapidly rising thanks to their infectious blend of pop, dance, and hip-hop sensibilities that produces an irresistible vibe. The pair's formula worked wonders on their debut EP, Varsity, which included fan favorites like "R U With Me," "Blue Hawaii," and "Operate." Although Homecoming  already appears to be a darker, more soulful-pop project, thankfully their talent of making funky, enjoyable music remains.

"It's Over" could easily be misinterpreted as an easy going and cheerful record, which is a testament to ASTR's song composition. While the hook and instrumental definitely give off a carefree vibe, the song is actually about a destructive relationship that transforms into a twisted compulsion and attraction for the two trapped lovers. It is deceptively heart-breaking, especially when you realize that Zoe is begging her partner to "tell me it's over," during the hook.

Mick Jenkins delivers a solid feature that gives more of a male perspective to the situation. Jenkins is not new to rapping over more electronic dance styled beats, but it is always good to hear him out of his traditional comfort zone. As he raps about a lack of communication and hoping that things can finally be over, the amount of storytelling and his lyrical ability shine quite clear. 

ASTR and Jenkins make a great combination and one that we hope reappears in the future. Homecoming is shaping up to be an exciting release and another reason we can't wait for the fall. Check out "It's Over" above and tell us how you like it.

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