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HAYFEVAH remixes Tangina Stone's "Wasn't Love Cafe" [Premiere]


Tangina Stone is a singer-songwriter who has brought her own version of rock and soul through original music. She added to her musical resume including “Suntan” and Eps like The Fall with the release of her latest single, “Wasn’t Love Café,” released earlier in August on Feel Up Records. A summery R&B track, Stone’s voice shines through singing a melody whose presence has an India.Arie appeal, but with vocals that strike emotion in a totally unique and complex way. This week, “Wasn’t Love Café” will get a special remix from Polish artist HAYFEVAH, available via iTunes tomorrow.

HAYFEVAH is just starting his career, and as a newcomer has really run the gamut with experimenting in his productions, exploring everything from dub step to house. Today he’s put a unique spin on “Wasn’t Love Café,” bringing underground, chilled out drum and bass production together with maturely sampled pieces of Stone’s vocals. Check it out below.

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