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Bambook bring the calm after "The Storm (Kalimba Version)" [Premiere]

There has been a steady rise in the amount of quality music being churned out of Sweden over the past few years, notably due to the Adam Beyer imprint Drumcode, which seems to be at the epicentre of the techno world at the moment. To continue this trend of high quality output is Swedish duo Bambook, whose stunning 'Kalimba version' of their Culprit Records release, "The Storm," flirts with the current tropical house trend that has sauntered onto the music scene. 

As the record gets underway, jagged synths and firm claps threaten thunder and lightning. That's until seductive, celestial vocals from Jennie A crack through the clouds to bathe in the humid rainfall of the tropical bells. It is clear that the worst of the storm has passed as the thick, bouncy bass line promises dry land and clearer skies. The entire track is extremely visual, with the echoing vocals almost hypnotic, allowing time for a vivid narrative to be painted in a peaceful mind. You'll be able to purchase this beautiful piece of escapism from the 24th of August.




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