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Lizzie Curious and divaDanielle resurrect Missy Elliott on "Ghettowork"

In 2014, American producer divaDanielle released a track that would sit comfortably in the Top 50 of the Beatport house charts for some time, with its groovy, 808-focused beat, a nostalgic rock/soul guitar sample and of course, a vocal sample from Missy Elliott's "I'm Really Hot." And now, one year later, one of Ibiza's beloved house artists, Lizzie Curious, has returned to remix the original track. Having worked with every label from Robbie Rivera's Juicy Music to Cr2, to the label where she returns today, DJ Dan's InStereo Recordings. 

Curious has kept the badass appeal of "Ghettowork" in tact, and somehow, has made it even more badass in the making. With an upbeat, yet underground bassline, it's a reminder of how classic house can be timeless. 

Ghettowork (Lizzie Curious Remix)
InStereo Recordings
Download via Beatport

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