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Watermat and MOGUAI mark Spinnin' Records's 1000th release with "Portland"

Today marks a big day in the history of dance music. Spinnin' Records has been an instrumental label in the industry since its inception in 1999. Known as one of the trendsetters and indicators of those trends with its releases, Spinnin' has expanded to labels like SPRS and others, widening the reach of the Dutch label's influence. 

Today they've marked their 1000th release, something that might be hard to believe with the frequency of its releases in the years since dance music has hit critical mass. Along with a special mix commemorating the event, they've invited longtime electro mainstay, MOGUAI, and a newcomer, one of their latest signees, Watermat, to celebrate 1000 with an impressive release entitled "Portland." An impressive piece of deep house with booming, enveloping techno elements, "Portland" is evolved in taste and production quality.

Watermat & MOGUAI
Spinnin Records
Download via Beatport

Dance · Deep House · Techno


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