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Moduleset debuts on Brightest Dark Place with 'Fissure' EP

Brightest Dark Place is a relatively new label with a focus on deep, dubby electronic soundscapes that range from soaring ambient stylistics to submerged techno rhythms. After a number of mixes and a label-debuting EP from Stillhead, BDP now reveals a newcomer by the name of Moduleset. Unclear of who exactly is the brain behind the moniker, the 5 track EP -  Fissure -  leaves a stately impression upon initial listen. 


Finding its place in the more sunken, cracked corners of the techno spectrum, Moduleset's motif of daunting accents on this EP speak on BDP's objective of supplying listeners with sounds that mold an atmosphere of pulling tones. Whether we are taking notice of "Place Return" and its compelling sampling or losing a sense of time with the hollow sic-fi feel of "Fissure", there's no doubt this experimental catalog of tracks designs a hardening experience that'll leave you with goosebumps.  

Fissure unfolds and closes with poise as "Point" and "Sor" meet up full-circle. Look forward to more from BDP and this, seemingly, new producer. 





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