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Aylen turns TJR's "How Ya Feelin" into a trap anthem [Download]

It's odd feeling to realize that though there are more and more producers posting their art on streaming services like SoundCloud to try to make it big or get discovered, the quality of what we find each day, for various reasons, is not as top notch at first glance. It's at this realization that we are glad artists like Aylen are around, constantly churning out new music and quality bootlegs that aren't under a PR microscope. He even has a separate SoundCloud account to post these gems, on which today he posted his latest, a bootleg of TJR's Melbourne bounce track "How Ya Feelin." Who knew that the original could get more bounce, but Aylen has applied massive trap and electro forces with an old school hip hop edge and some underlying synths that almost call on early Afrojack dirty Dutch.


"How Ya Feelin" (Aylen Trap Edit)
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