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Post Malone returns with new track "Holyfield"

Post Malone has made a considerable mark on the music landscape, since the release of his drowsy debut "White Iverson." The song showcased both his unique take on hip hop vocal delivery and his potential to create a catchy hook; at the same time, it established the Malone and producer, FKi, collaborative sound and relationship, a wave that they have continued to ride in subsequent releases. While he doesn't have a deep discography at the moment, his meandering sing-song, slow rap delivery has already become a staple and won fans over.

Malone's latest track, "Holyfield,"  keeps the formula mostly intact. It features production from FKi, but with some help from co-producers Charlie Handsome, Rex Kudo, and Lifted. The four producers set "Holyfield" to a speed that is perfect for Malone, snail paced and filled with reverb and bass. The rapper takes his time to build up the tension in the track, singing softly and gaining strength as it continues. It is more r&b/pop than strictly hip hop, which could have something to do with the collaborating producers. 

Regardless, "Holyfield" is a solid song that hits on more emotional levels than Malon's previous songs. You can take a listen to the track above and head over to his Soundcloud to hear more of his music. 

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