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M35 releases a stunning remix of Vicetone's "Angels" with Kat Nestel

It's only been one year since M35 burst into the dance music scene, but since his debut he's been working on collaboration after collaboration to build his reputation, and obviously his network as well. The LA-based producer's latest is a remix of Vicetone's "Angels" featuring Kat Nestel, and it's a head-turner.

At first glance, this remix of "Angels" might sound like your run of the mill progressive club track, but with further attention, its production value and composition shine through above and beyond that standard. Not only are Nestel's vocals tangy and razor sharp, but their melody is unique and when juxtaposed against an old school, punching power chord build, it reminds us why "banger" once was the word in fashion. And Vicetone and M35's production is unparalleled, with swirling arpeggios that are totally entrancing. It's out on Ultra today and streaming on SoundCloud.

"Angels" (Feat. Kat Nestel) [M35 Remix]
Ultra Records
Released July 27, 2015

Download via Beatport

Dance · Progressive House


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