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Nico Ghost releases eerie new images for "Coolin" [Music Video]

Melbourne based hip-hop artist Nico Ghost has released his new video for debut single "Coolin'" and it is one hell of an eerie video. I was personally a little creeped out, but in the best way possible. The video is interspersed with imagery of a dark Oceanic landscape, deserted cities and Ghost's slightly Gothic love interest -and it's implied that he stabs her in the end. I think it's maybe the anger in Ghost's eyes and the wondering, wandering expression in hers that creeped me out the most. 

Produced by fellow Aussie GXNXVS the video was released right before his debut EP KAISHI, which was released last week. On it he delivers his standard fare of taking a "Blunt to the face," while continuing to chronicle the struggles that many up and coming hip-hop artists face. 

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