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Chrome Canyon adds a sexy house remix to Mirror Talk's "1997" [Premiere]

LA-based quartet Mirror Talk just recently released their 1997 EP, which you can now get via Yellow Year Records. The EP is a glimmering blend of indie synth pop and low-fi contemporary. At times in songs like “Danger” and “Some Boys,” it is reminiscent of the late 80s early 90s synth driven ballads, fit for the closing credits of a sappy romantic drama. At other moments, it is rich with forward thinking funk and pop, like the catchy driving tune “1/M/T.” The title track “1997” is a lively synth-driven track that would have Duran Duran and Giorgio Moroder nodding their heads in collective approval.

Today, we have the pleasure of premiering LA producer Chrome Canyon’s remix of the title track. He takes the track and adds an alluring sexy deep house vibe in the first verse. Upon the chorus's climax, the remix explodes with vibrant color, before venturing out of the dark caverns of oozing bass into the sunny realm of crystalline house beats that add a yellow kiss of light to the track. It is a joyful remix that will bring a splash of color and a dash of light to your life. 



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