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Run The Jewels and Boots deliver catastrophically awwesome remix "Meowrly"

Last year, around the time El-P and Killer Mike released their second album under their Run The Jewels moniker (Run The Jewels 2), they shared an ambitious and hilarious idea with their fans. Last night, during the second episode of their Run The Jewels' Beats 1 Radio show, they premiered the first single from their cat filled remix album, Meow The Jewels. The entirely crowdfunded full length is not only real, but it seems the promised contributors, like The Alchemist and Dan The Automator, have actually been busying working. 

Producer and vocalist Boots delivers the first remix from the forthcoming project, entitled "Meowrly." How does one incorporate cat noises into a banger like "Early"? The answer is apparently quite clever. Instead of throwing in random feline sounds, Boots is selectively throws in purrs and meows throughout the track. Using the lower sound purr as the baseline and adding in high pitched cries in the chorus, maintains the songs overall feel without feeling overdone and cheesy. 

Hip-Hop · Rap · Trip-Hop


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Bri Christian
Bri Christian
6 years ago

The big maine Juicy J is bizackkk with the single For Everybody featuring Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa and R. City http://bit.ly/1FS65jj