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Pierce Fulton and Ansolo team up as Shirts & Skins on "Then Came You" [Download]

Two of NYC's dance music producers have collaborated on a new project that they're calling Shirts & Skins. One half of the duo is Pierce Fulton, the man known for his out of the box production style and hits like "Kuaga," and the other half is up and coming big room producer Ansolo.

After hearing their first single together, "Then Came You," I'm hoping to see Shirts & Skins go on a similar trajectory to an act like Galantis: two artists from the same profession but with different backgrounds, coming together to make music that sounds totally different than anything they've done before.

"Then Came You" feels almost directly derived from disco, sampling Dionne Warwick & The Spinner's 1974 single of the same name. The production style here is a bit nostalgic, pulling from some of the UK dance hits we saw run through the pop charts in the late 1990s. It's out for free download, leaving us anxious to see more from the guys.



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