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Brodinski and Bricc Baby Shitro have a video for "On Me"

Brodinski's album Brava was the dance/hip hop album that everyone needed. Meshing the lines between techno and LA/Atlanta/NY's bustling hip hop underground scenes, the French producer knew how to take various influences and make them entirely his own. In a world where appropriation is incredibly tricky, this man knew how to gather influences without hitting any awkward sensitive areas. 

With that being said, he's largely taking the man behind the studio monitors role in the music video for "On Me." While he is largely MIA from the video, LA's Bricc Baby Shitro commands attention and highlights his stage dynamic in this piece. It's a relatively simple video for a simple song... just get ready to turn up when it comes on though. 

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On Me (Feat. Bricc Baby Shitro)

  • Parlophone/WMG
  • July 14, 2015


Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap


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