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Shamik goes international with 'Global Rotations' [Mixtape]

By and large, hip hop as we know it has existed with the East Coast, West Coast, and everything in between. But outside of these borders exist a variety of sights and sounds that deserve to be seen; thanks to Vancouver based producer Shamik, the unison of world music and boom bap instrumental is possible. After last year's Channeling India, the Canadian talent has extending his musical stylings and samplings to include music that's foreign to North America with his latest project, Global Rotations. Inspired by the likes of Onra's Chinoseries, the projects utilizes the music of Russia, Morocco, the Philippines, Indonesia, and many other great countries and reveals Shamik's musical versatility. 

Sonically, there are no weak links. Whether you're bumping the mesmerizing masterpiece that is "Morocco is Screaming," the hauntingly beautiful "Russia Sings," or the dynamic "Still Going," know that each track is a self-contained gem. It's evident that Shamik put a lot of heart into making and didn't mail in this album. Make sure you download the project and head to Shamik's website to check out his other projects for more great music.  

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Global Rotations

  • July 13th, 2015


Beat tape · Hip-Hop · Indie · Instrumental · Jazz Hop · Mixtape · World


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