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Sidney Charles & Sante should join forces "Forever" [Premiere]

There have been collaborations in the past, Boys Noize and T.E.E.D for example, that have created a sort of nervous apprehension as people struggle to fathom how the end product could possibly sound. The mouth watering combination of Sidney Charles and Sante however, is one that instills nothing but realistically high expectations. With stunning previous releases such as "Blow" and "All Night Long" already under their belts, the duo from Berlin have clearly got a level of chemistry that Walter White himself would be proud of. "Forever," their latest release on the mighty Hot Creations, is certainly no exception.

Weighty industrial kicks let you know immediately what sort of ride you're about to be taken on and that a larger than usual swig of water may be very much necessary. As the percussion is layered, a relatively innocent acid-style hook comes buzzing into earshot only to be quickly aggravated into the huge relentless bass line that will make this record such a weapon at festivals and clubs throughout the summer. Several break downs tease you in and out of the main body of the track with reverberating claps and swirling synths creating dizzy build ups that eventually lurch you back into the ferocious driving energy of the release. This is a seriously fine piece of production and one that you'll be able to purchase from the 20th of July.   



Sidney Charles & Sante


  • Hot Creations
  • 20/07/2015


House · Premiere · Reviews · Tech House


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