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Foreign/National's "Pacific Cruise" is wonderfully slow-burning [Premiere]

Today marks Foreign/National's boldest statement ever: "Pacific Cruise".

The Melbourne-based outfit, after having released their self-titled EP via Downtime as well as (more recently) two lo-fi singles by the name of "The Hedonist" and "Always Blue", are ready to release something less of the punchy sort.

Instead, "Pacific Cruise" (which was, picture this: born on a glacial winter night), lovingly (and rhythmically) nods to slow-burning Motown classics while remaining spacious, harmonic and strangely menacing. It's a wonder how they pulled it all off simultaneously.

On top of it all, rumour has it that "Pacific Cruise" acts as an overview of Foreign/National's forthcoming album in terms of instrumentation and fatalist lyrical vibe. This is a good sign.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/214638042"]

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