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Blonde unveils new music video for Don Diablo's massive remix of "All Cried Out" [Premiere]

It seems like just yesterday that Don Diablo completely blew our minds with his gleaming melodic remix of Blonde's "All Cried Out." Today the British duo returns with some visuals to amplify the story behind the lyrics and the energy that Diablo's remix contains.

The video begins with quite the introduction: to a scene where something crazy has just gone down, with a woman rushing to gather some serious ammo with her dog in tow. Of course, the implied lifestyle and environment emulates the summery feeling of "All Cried Out," but the lyrics are the real story here as we watch the rest of the events go down in a Miami Vice style fashion. Take a ride through the video and download the full EP via iTunes, Beatport or stream via Spotify, and check out one of Blonde's upcoming European shows this summer.



"All Cried Out" (Don Diablo Remix)

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