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DeHagz brings us "Something" to remember him by

In a day and age where anyone can pick up a laptop and produce quality tracks from the comforts of their bedroom, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your name heard as an artist. However, relatively unknown Toronto based Techno producer DeHagz has managed to cause a lot of noise recently with "Something," his new single released on The EDM Network. When you drop a track of this weight and magnitude, ripples are inevitable no matter what waves people are riding.

Within a matter of seconds the track is fizzing with energy, lively percussion compliments off beat warehouse style synths as the record quickly develops into a dark, groove-heavy stampede. The production is intricately layered throughout with every element geared towards the stand out moment where the track empties out, leaving an abundance of room for frenzied crowd reaction. With around 50,000 plays in its first week, let's hope that DeHagz has plenty more in his locker to satisfy the listeners that he will have no doubt caught the attention of.


DeHagz - ART



  • The EDM Network
  • 05/07/2015


Progressive · Tech House · Techno


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