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Bear Mountain's smooth remix of mAsis' "Make Me Higher" is all you need today[Premiere]

When your background includes working with the likes of Rhye, Banks and Mr Little Jeans, you know you must be doing something right. Well the Cali-based trio mAsis, have added these nods to their CV, with their smooth and sensual productions. They recently released their single "Make Me Higher" from the debut EP Kennesaw, and what better way to celebrate your new EP than with accompanying remixes. Today we are sharing a new remix from Bear Mountain, with deep and euphoric energy, their remix of "Make Me Higher" breathes new energy into the chilled out predecessor. Bear Mountain remarks, "We really loved the original of this track, and wanted to put our own flavour into it for the remix. We tried to keep a lot of the original vocal and sounds, but also completely change the drums and give it a late night and moody vibe.” 

Go ahead and give it a spin below, we couldn't be happier to be sharing this one with you first. 




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