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Gallant pulls us in with "Weight in Gold"

Great music, the kind that has a timeless and universal quality, is so powerfully overwhelming to me…I don’t even know how to handle it, I just feel sort of paralyzed –induced into a music “coma,” if you will. Gallant is one of the select artists who can affect such a sensation (as I’ve described before with his last song, “Open Up”).

He has already sold out gigs on both coasts, received high praise from critics like Billboard and NME, and amassed well over a million plays. Gallant has been steady developing his music and career with Mind of a Genius, the label that’s home to Grammy-nominated Zhu, and is now ripened for takeover.

Today, Gallant gives us “Weight in Gold,” notably chosen as the first song to be introduced by Zane Lowe’s ‘Future Exclusive’ on Beats 1 radio show (via Apple Music). In another beautifully produced track by Stint, Gallant showcases his captivating vocals with salient emotion and passion.

Los Angeles: Gallant will be performing at Echoplex on July 9th. Grab tickets here.


Neo-Soul · R&B


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