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Deebs & Jarell Perry's "Driving Blind" video is a dark, neon-tinged dreamworld

Last month, Toronto's Will Diebel dropped his latest EP as Deebs in collaboration with L.A. singer Jarell Perry.  Diebel's dark, psychedelic beats and Perry's lovelorn vocals made their Shift  EP a memorable five-track affair.  Now the EP's opening track, "Driving Blind," has a surreal animated video to match the song's shadowy suspense.  The visuals continue the theme first seen in Deebs' video for "Waves," which seemed to take place in an otherworldly spa of some kind.  This time it's a bedroom, but the bright neon colors and random still-life objects are as weird and incredible as before.

Deebs and Jarell Perry have a few upcoming tour dates, full details below.



Deebs & Jarell Perry

"Driving Blind" [Video]

  • Time No Place
  • 'Shift' EP out now


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