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Vicetone return with their latest single, "Nothing Stopping Me", available now

Few new artists command the scene like the young Dutch duo of Vicetone. Over the last three years the two have stacked some of the most successful remixes and originals that have spilled onto the dance floor, cementing their talent through stellar production and driving fans wild at every stop they make. Today they return with the vocalist from their last big hit, Kat Nestel on "Angels", for the driving progressive house tune, "Nothing Stopping Me". It's the feel-good track you want with summer starting, a rollicking blend of driving builds and bold drops that find company with ultra melodic string interludes and Nat's vocals.

Vicetone will be touring around the world, so hit play on "Nothing Stopping Me" and get your tickets to an event near you!


vicetone tour 




"Nothing Stopping Me" (Feat. Kat Nestel"

Vicetone Records | 2015-06-30


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