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Quelle Chris shows us "Where The Wild Things Roam" [Video]

I generally don't dig artists that are too "weird." Don't get me wrong, I'm always down for something experimental that challenges the current trends and adds news ideas, but there's a fine line between having an off-kilter aesthetic and being a try hard—much like when movie studios realized how profitable The Blair Witch Project was and began an endless onslaught of found footage flicks that have turned the filming style into a cheap gimmick. But Quelle Chris is nothing but exceptional with his unique approach to whatever he does. Much like his fellow artists over at Mellow Music Group, the last thing he would do is throw it all away for a trendy song that becomes a Vine dance.   

Such is the case with his latest effort, "Where the Wild Things Roam." Instead of the happy sentiments that appear in the similarly named children's book, Chris chooses to focus on the darker side of things. From the booming Detroit bass, to the bright piano sounds, to the eerie closing sample, everything about the track conjures sights of haunting figures that go bump in the night. In typical Quelle Chris fashion, we're left with even more questions, but that doesn't deter us from wanting it more. Innocent Country, Chris' upcoming album, drops on July 10th; make the jump to iTunes and pre-order the project today. 



Quelle Chris

"Where the Wild Things Roam"

  • Mellow Music Group
  • June 28th, 2015


Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap


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5 years ago

@QuelleChris @MelloMusicGroup this is tight! @Morriarchi @illuzual ya gonna dig this