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RICHEY releases new summertime EP "Call Cali"

One trend that we're noticing more and more in music - particularly in the electronic stratosphere - are the young producers that explode onto the scene, fostered by industry heavyweights and in some ways almost outdoing them. RICHEY is the perfect case of the "student by day, DJ/producer by night," movement and made his debut on John Digweed's 'Transitions' Radio Station when he was only in high school. 

Calling California... this one is everything that perfect summertime music is about, whether you're in an "under" or "above" ground scene and he's a producer who does both seamlessly. We were thrilled to review this right before his second guest mix airs on the 'Transitions' station June 26th. 

Title track "Call Cali" starts summer off right, with an "Oh baby," some sparkly synths and others that mimic drops of water as we dive headfirst into a pool of pounding beats and sunshine.

We hear some housey and modern disco vibes on second cut "Know Want Love," with a sampled piano breakdown, soulful vocals and a hip four to the floor beat. 

With "Oh Hey Uh," the name really says it all as we delve deeper into those soul vibes with some space age synths to begin with that transition into subtle claps. 

On "Rastafara," Richey takes bumping Caribbean rhythms and keeps them current as the tide of Rastafarian drumming and a slight drum n' bass breakdown pulls us way, way out. 

And lastly "Haze," well we know what that is but it could also just mean the hot waves that rise from the pavement in the dead of summer. The finale makes us want to be wherever this EP is played, lost in the swirling clouds of smoke. 







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